The Legacy Shoppe Rebooted 

For the woman who loves
beauty, style and uniqueness 






The Legacy Shoppe Rebooted 

For the woman who loves beauty, style and uniqueness 


Ronnie's Creative Talks...

                                                 The Importance of Beauty

     Some might say we live in a world without beauty; that people treat each other with disdain and ugliness and that corporations are more interested in the bottom line than cleaning up the environment so that beauty can shine through.   I suppose this is true on a visceral level.  But the sense of beauty is internal; it invites us to see things differently. We seek it because we know its importance.  Beauty smooths out the rough edges of life, allowing us to live within the richness of what it has to offer.   But, where do we find beauty?  How does one go beyond the ugliness of sensational news stories of mayhem and destruction? How does one see beauty in the ordinary—in one’s everyday life?

     I see beauty in a sunset; witnessing the painted sky and bountiful beauty of God’s artistry is what inspires my own creativity.  I also see it in colorful art and setting up my home with just the right accents and accouterments.  I love the delight that looking at certain things in my home brings me while chatting with a friend or partaking in a meal.  Whether inside or outside, I surround myself with visual delights. 

There’s quite more to beauty than what one can see though.  It is also in what one feels.  The sensations brought on by a soothing piece of music; in a wonderful conversation, and in the eyes of the innocence of a grandchild.    I also find beauty in words.   The written word can dance on a page and stir up the most exciting and interesting thoughts.  They can motivate us to move into action when necessary or lull us into a calmness that we’re in need of as well.  Words on a page can conjure up beautiful thoughts of how we’d like to live our lives and bring about the most wonderful imaginings. 

     Another way to find beauty is through the ideas and presentation of others.  People often say, “Ronnie, you’re so creative!” I am profoundly grateful for my creativity.  But it’s not meant just for me.  It’s meant to share with others and I enjoy doing so.  My ideas, suggestions, even the pictures I post on social media, are not only intended to share but to inspire.  It delights me when people tell me they are going to follow an idea that I put out there or order something they saw that I created or presented.  After careers in teaching and publishing, I am now spreading my creative wings in entrepreneurship that allows me to share my passion and talents with others.       There’s so much beauty in sharing.  In fact, one of the reasons I began selling caftans was because I wanted to share the beauty of how they make me feel.  I feel my most relaxed and comfortable in a colorful caftan.   Many of my readers are retired or work from home.  Even those who work outside of home want to come in and ditch restrictive clothing the minute they walk through the door.  The lounge-wear feel of caftans offers the solution for maintaining a sense of beauty and elegance while relaxing or working. 

     Recently we had a large birthday bash for our oldest son.  Out of town guests came to celebrate and it was beautiful.   The theme colors were black and gold in honor of my son’s beloved fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha.  I too wore a cute little black and gold dress.  However, as the evening went on, I slipped into a most lovely caftan and received more compliments on that than the outfit I had had on earlier.  I find that caftans are not only practical, the colors that jump out can make you feel like you are in a flower garden or an exotic rainforest. 

     I’ve contemplated the importance of beauty for a very long time, often asking myself if it as important to others as it is to me. I personally can’t imagine a world without beauty.  Nor can I conceive of how one can go through life without deeply seeking it.    So. today, challenge yourself to see beauty in your everyday life and create more of it.  Remind yourself of what beauty does for you internally by finding more external things that make you smile.  To enhance the lives of your friends, try sending personal notes to them and experience the beauty of their joy… There’s beauty in sharing!  Surround your own space with colorful art and peace-evoking sayings where you can see them and contemplate the beautiful thoughts…There’s beauty in seeing and feeling!  Sip tea or coffee from a lovely mug while wearing just the right caftan that speaks to your expressions of beauty… there’s beauty in personal expression! 

     Life is beautiful.  All one needs to do is find it by seeing, feeling, listening, expressing and sharing. Once it is sought and created, sit back and enjoy.    

 Creative Expressions Tip   

Here's a tip for adding something new to your wall.  Refresh your art wall by adding new, colorful, Conscious Canvases to your existing art.  Another way to inspire beauty through color and words. 


The Inspiration 

"Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand ways." 
                  ~Oscar Wilde 

Every woman deserves to look beautiful without a lot of fuss. This is why I love my beautiful caftans and wear them almost every day.  whether making breakfast, lounging, or entertaining they are perfect for adding simple elegance and vibrant color to your everyday life. 


Speaking of colors... Art is my passion and so is writing.  I've combined both passions and my love for creating into unique, artful items that can be enjoyed by you or given to friends as gifts.   


I'm certain they will inspire, motivate and maybe even touch you in a way as to live "out loud" in loving color and connect to the visions of your own perfect life.  light, love and joy, Ronnie 

IMG_1966 (1).PNG

"Everything you create is stunning!  I mailed the caftan and beautiful cards to my friend.  It was the colorful card with the bass and dancing girl.  This should cheer her up.  She's been very sick.  I can't wait to purchase another one, or more, of your colorful, beautiful pieces. "  
P. F. Verified Customer    

Featuring Ronnie's...



We love color and it shows in our exotic, comfortable caftans.  Made from high quality polyester, rayon or Turkish chiffon, our Caftans are easy to maintain and look fabulous on any size woman.  Whether satiny, silky, chiffon or cotton like, each feels soft to the skin and pops with sophistication.   Free Size means all caftans are made to fit most sizes 0-22 US, so there might be small variations in the fit. Each caftan is full length measuring from shoulder to hem from 48.5-56inches length. Each caftan is styled with a ¾ length sleeves and rounded or V-neckline.  Full-length caftans can be styled to wear with flats or heels, bangles or cuffs, hoops or studs, inside or outdoors…Oh the possibilities.  Some stores sell Caftans as high as $600-$700 dollars.  We sell ours at amazing prices from $14.95 to $69.95.


Beautiful Caftans Starting at $14.95

At The Legacy Shoppe, we make it simple to add style and beauty to your life. We love self-expression through beauty and seek to help you find yours. Our unique products are of exceptional quality and value. Shop now and see for yourself!

Colorful, Comfortable 
Sassy, Free Size Fits Most Women
Wear Indoors or Outdoors as:
Morning Cover
Beach Cover-up



Are you looking for a unique gift for a special friend? Inspiration for your teen-ager?  Something inspirational to put on your wall? 


These wall hangings called Conscious Canvasesare the perfect gifts because they inspire thoughts, feeling and support a new way of life...Living In Color!


Each 8 x 8 canvas is of the highest quality, with bold, bright artwork by Ronnie Hall.  Make this your next purchase and you will love the thought.    


Words and Art
Wall Canvases 8 x 8

IMG_3452 (1).jpg
IMG_2419 (1).jpg
Original Art by Ronnie Hall

Note Cards 

TAO.W-The Art of Writing
beautiful notecards for sending the most special notes

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere, without moving anything but your heart.
-Phyllis Grissim-Therou- 


Notecards pretty enough to display

Each card is representative of the original artwork by Ronnie 

Cards come in boxes of 6, 10, 14 and can be gift wrapped for the perfect gift to give friends,  yourself, or the women in your life

One ornamented mini easel comes with each box ordered. 

Box of 6-$18.00
Box of 10-$30.00
Box of 14-$42.00



Enjoy daily reminders of the wisdom of life as you delight in sipping your coffee or tea.  Choose from four 11 oz mugs or buy them all.  Perfect for morning cat lovers, flower enthusiasts, meditative types and dreamers.  $22.50-$25.00

"Coffee is a lot more than just a drink; it's something happening.  Not as in hip...but like somewhere within yourself. "

~Gertrude Stein 


"There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a quiet contemplation of life."  Lin Yutang 


Chapters, Chicks and Chats 
books for self-development and care, inspiration, learning and children


Books Written by Ronnie 

Empowerment for Self-Healing
Visions of My Perfect Life
Concepts to Contexts
My Joyful Being 
In Other Words 
Donnie's Nonnie
A Rainbow of Browns
A Heart of Words 
The Grandest Gift
The Grandest Gift: come ye little children
The Grandest Gift: musical script for the stageplay
The Grandes Gift music score
Pieces of the Pickett Fence
Mining for the Legacies; a guide to researching and writing your family history
Colored Girls Don't Like the Cold
The Man Notes


empowerment for self-healing book cover.jpg
donniecut (MVW).jpg
cover of colored girls revised.jpg
in other words cover.JPG

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. 
                                  ~Charles W. Eliot 

We'd love to hear from you.  Please fill out the section below, call or email with suggestions, questions, or if you'd rather place an order over the phone. 
Each item makes an absolutely wonderful, and unique gift for yourself or a friend. Don't forget to tell your friends about us. 

In the meantime, sending you love, light, and peace. 
It's a great place to be.

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our past..


Like all new businesses, we were extremely excited when we first opened our doors in December of 2019.  The store was gorgeous and the public loved us.  We began as an upscale resell shoppe with the intention of selling beautiful, gently used home goods.  My daughter and I were going to run it and build on our artistic and creative interests.  In February of 2020, our store set out to expand into Nostalgic, legacy photography.  Costumes had been purchased along with great props.  By March of 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic hit and by July of the same year, our doors were closed.  


But not to worry, The Legacy Shoppe has reinvented itself and we're looking at Legacy in a whole new way! Ronnie Hall will now be featuring her very own artwork, books and stationery that you can buy for yourself and your friends.  Through art, books, videos and regular "Ronnie Blogs",  we hope to be your online shoppe for creative ideas, inspiration and beauty.