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Skillfully selected, lovingly used, beautiful home goods and gifts promoting sustainable shopping at unbelievable prices.

At The Legacy Shoppe, we make it simple to add style to your home. Whether your tastes are traditional, vintage or modern, our expansive assortment of home goods provides endless possibilities for self-expression. Our unique products are of exceptional quality and value. Shop now and see for yourself!

We're Closed but Haven't Left 

Unique. Affordable. Stylish.


Covid-19 has impacted thousands of businesses and ours is no different.  We want to assure you that when it is safe, we will be back to give you the best services we can.  In the meantime, please stay safe.  


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Nostalgic Legacy Era Photos

Are you one who loves watching old movies and imagines yourself living in days gone by?  What’s your Legacy Era? Victorian? Roaring Twenties? Mid 1800’s or early 1900’s? How about the glamorous ’30s?  We take beautiful headshots or full-body, print, and frame. Come on, we’re never too old to don an elegant outfit, pose for the camera and allow yourselves to be transformed and transported.  Hang this pic next to your ancestors or start your own wall. 

Call or message us for a picture appointment. We will even come to your home or office for consultations and photo shoots.  

248-2246265 or message us at 

What Else Do We Offer?

Because your legacy isn't just what you leave for them...

IMG_2910[1].jpg's what you leave in them as well.  Have you ever wanted to tell your story and leave it for your children and grandchildren?  Or, do you have words of wisdom that you'd like to share with family members?  We can help. 

     Here at The Legacy Shoppe, we offer legacy writing services that will memorialize your words so that they can be passed down generation after generation. 

      Wouldn’t you like to leave a legacy for your family?  It can be a cherished item, something from your past, a legacy book, or something that you purchase that's just perfect to give to your loved ones, a special friend, or loyal client.  The Legacy Shoppe offers it all. 



We're all about legacies, but it isn't just about beautiful collectibles, and vintage photographs, it's about good health also.  For this reason, we are partnering with fitness gurus to help you stay on track.  This is just another way you can pass something really important to your family. 

Salad in a Jar

About Us

Not every mother and daughter is fortunate enough to work together.  We both love helping others by using our talents, gifts, and skills.  Lexi Gering is  a trained Health and Wellness Coach who will be sharing health tips every 1st Wednesday of the month.  Her mother Ronnie Hall, is a published author and writing coach who loves helping individuals with genealogy research. 


As a team we love beautiful things, decorating and entertaining.  So, we've combined all of our passions to bring customers the best experiences of shopping, learning, health, and delight.  Warmth, knowledge, and connection is what we strive for with every customer who walks through our doors.  

At the Legacy Shoppe, we've stepped up the "resale" shop game. By taking pride in and using our expert eye for creativity we help our customers hone theirs. We're committed to finding the right one-of-a-kind products to meet your decorating and gift-giving vision. Our inventory of high-quality, lovingly used home goods and gifts will help create inspirational, memory-filled homes and in the process help with sustainability in order to maintain ecological balance.

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Opening Hours

Located in the Riverview Flea Market
7415 US Highway 301 South
Riverview, Florida
Booth #23-Center Aisle to the end, turn left and 3 doors down on the right

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Because of the nature of our work, we are not always in the shoppe.  We are, however, working endlessly to bring the best products and services to our customers. If you find something that you'd like, or have something specific that you're looking for but the shoppe is closed, you can always call and schedule a time to come in. 

 1st Wednesday of each month 11-4pm

Thursday: upon request

Friday: 11-5pm

Saturday: 11-5pm

Sunday: noon-5pm

Reach us at (248)225-6265 or (813)938-9035


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