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Never Too Old

I've been told that I am a woman who defies the norm. At 55, I retired from teaching and began consulting to assist teachers in adopting best practices in writing. I'd written a couple of professional books on character education, and loved writing, so it was a pretty easy gig. But, that didn't last long. By 58, I'd written a couple of children's books when a fateful call came in. I was asked by a gentlemen if I would publish his book and before I knew it, I'd become a book publisher! Who'd have thought I'd leave education completely and move on to publish over 85 titles, working with award winning authors; some of whom have their books in major markets like Whole Foods, Books a Million and Barnes and Nobles. It was hard work, but a wonderful journey leading me to conduct workshops on writing family legacy books, ways and strategies for marketing yourself and living your best life. Do I defy the norm, or am I simply determined to live my best life no matter what age I am?

In a world where youth is celebrated and society has conditioned women of a certain age into feelings of incapability, I think of aging as a metamorphosis, or a reinvention of self. It's a chance to demonstrate "out loud", that you can still visualize your deepest desires while acknowledging the beauty of the life you are living presently. I believe you set new courses through intentional thought and reflection. Allow your thoughts to bring you to the knowledge of how great your life is, and will be. Adopt philosophies to live by and make your own way. Set the course for new discoveries--on the inside of your thinking.

Now at 69, I'm at it again. Please don't think I am one of those high energy women who has to always be busy. Not at all. I love taking afternoon naps, spending a lot of talk time with my husband and hanging out with my off-springs and grandchildren. But, I also love expressing myself in ways that God created me to do. And, I think all women whether 45 or 85 should and can do the same. You can set new goals and work toward them step-by-step, remembering that the journey is often more important than the destination.

So, think deeply about your heart's desires. Reflect on those things you've started in the past or wish to accomplish now. If you want to write a book, get started. If you’ve always wanted to open a pastry shop, start in your kitchen and take orders from friends and friends of friends. If you're single and wish to be in a relationship, work on a relationship with yourself and become the ideal of your best self. He will come. Mine did at 65.

Peace and's a great place to be-Ronnie

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